Where’s my cool Phoenix morning?

By Suzanne Holman • June 30th, 2010


90 degrees Fahrenheit at 5 am this morning!


Audio Boo message:    Where\’s my cool Phoenix morning?

As I’ve been talking about in previous posts, I’ve been getting up at 5 am to take advantage of the cool mornings to be out in nature, walking around the neighborhood lake with my dog, Shaiming, working in my flower garden, and just enjoying the start of the day.

When we start to get more cloudy weather in Phoenix,  the cloud cover holds the heat overnight and we don’t have the usual wonderful desert cool down.   It’s amazing what a difference there is between clear skies and cloudy skies as to what happens overnight.

This was all new to me when I moved to Arizona.  There are so many things different here from where I lived in West Virginia (near Pittsburgh, PA)   Every part of the world has its own idiosyncrasies when it comes to weather patterns….  Guess it’s a lot like people.   We all have things about us that are unique.  We can’t expect others to react just as we would about what is going on.

In Phoenix, when it starts to get more cloudy and stormy, it’s called “monsoon” season.  Let’s hope that this isn’t going to be happening already.  With the clouds becoming more an everyday thing, we lose our cool mornings….  What’s interesting in Arizona though, is that you can travel just a few hours north and have totally different weather because of the elevation change….  That is why there are traffic jams heading north many weekends during the summer!

Keep cool if you live where it’s hot…..and aren’t you lucky if you are feeling cool in your location today!


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