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By Suzanne Holman • June 30th, 2010

Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, joined me on The Ageless Woman Radio Show for an outstanding interview! Marcia just released her new book, Wander Woman: How High-Achieving Women find Contentment and Direction.

In this audio interview you can expect to find answers to these questions:

Why do you think women are so committed to pleasing others?

Women who have been really involved in their work who are suddenly hit with the responsibility of a parent who needs someone to take over for them…..and now are finding that they are either traveling out of town to see their parent or managing care locally……work is slipping… she is exhausted and feeling like a failure ….What would you suggest to someone in that situation?

What would you say to someone who has restless energy that seems to drive them to accomplish more and more in their lives…. Feeling that what they’ve done so far just wasn’t enough?

How can we discover our sense of purpose? Sometimes it’s confusing to even clarify what “our purpose” means…. How can we distinguish this from what we’re good at or what everyone else wants for you?

Visit Marcia Reynolds’ blog here:


If you purchase her book, she is giving listeners of this show the bonus gift of a complete downloadable workbook. You just need to send Marcia your receipt from the purchase.

MP3 File

I purchased the book and have been reading it and starting to do the exercises in the workbook. This is an amazingly comprehensive book. The exercises are so right on….
What we as women need to learn about ourselves so that we can have a satisfying and joyful life.

This book came out at just the perfect time for me. Since my mother’s death in November, I’ve been reexamining my life and carefully pondering every choice I make in how I want to use my time, energy, and money. I plan to put together a group to make the study of the book even more powerful!


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